Why I Am Rising on V-day

  • Posted on: 5 February 2013
  • By: admin

As V-day approaches I ponder on the very reason why I am rising.

I am rising because my life history is scarred with exposure and experiences of violence against women. I have been through too much, seen too much, and heard too much that not rising is a betrayal to my psyche.

I have grown up in a patriarchal society and have seen women brutalised and abused, and the only question that everyone asks is what did she do? We have lost too many women to keep silent in the face of violence.  I have seen my society normalise sexual violence against women so much that they victimise the victim and paralyse her from crying out for help. I have seen too many political battles being fought on the bodies of women in my country that my conscience is scarred with their experiences and those demons continue to haunt our society! I have seen women being abused by the hand that is supposed to protect them; the father, the uncle, the husband, the police, and the state.

So rising is essential. V-day provides an opportunity for me to intensify the everyday fight for justice and respect for women in my nation.

That is why I am rising!


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