This report deals with the events of the past 18 months or so. It covers the events that
prompted the formation of the Platform for Concerned Citizens (PCC), beginning in the
comprehensive analysis of the securocrat state produced by Ibbo Mandaza. From this point
in time, a sustained effort was made to alert the citizens of Zimbabwe to the problems that
were likely to emerge as a consequence of the state-regime conflation and the inherent
difficulties that the succession crisis would provide for any sensible dealing with the national

As we recover within Zimbabwe from the startling experience of the army on the streets without the President’s permission, the so-called “non-coup” coup, and face the prospect of a prolonged stalemate between state and military, SADC will once again debate what to do.

Citizenship is a complex issue to define, with both legal definitions and political definitions sometimes at odds with each other. Beginning with the groundbreaking work of T. H. Marshall in the immediate post-war period, scholars and commentators have wrestled with the nature of citizenship.

As we demonstrated in a recent study on risk aversion, Operation Murambatsvina [OM] had severe effects upon the population of Zimbabwe (Masunungure et al. 2017). The percentage of Zimbabweans that reported being “risk takers” in 1999 was 84%, but this dropped to a paltry 13% in 2005. Possibly the worst example of forced displacement in the past four decades, OM was recognised for having extreme adverse effects upon citizens’ shelter, livelihoods, health, and psychological well-being, but there have only been few studies on the long-term effects on citizen’s agency.

New research by the Research & Advocacy Unit documents the experiences of women legislators under proportional representation and the perceptions other MPs have on the special measure to increase women representation. This report explores what challenges and opportunities the current MPs under PR have and what the next steps should be after the expiry of Section 124 in 2023.

The first time I heard the word hure was in hushed tones when it was whispered in the playground