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Women Empowerment

How to Get Equality for Women and Improve the Nation

Ensuring The Empowerment of Women In all aspects of life...

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At The End Of The Line??

A Thought on Young People’s Prospects in Zimbabwe...

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Recent Publications

Crisis? What Crisis?

There is a question knocking around about how best to characterise the nature of the Zimbabwean state, a question that gets more urgent every week. The government’s view is that it is a state in trouble, but trouble induced by external pressures, and generally, in response to criticism about how poorly the country is doing, respond by blaming sanctions and the hostility to the land reform process. Zimbabwe, without doubt, incurs more than its fair share of international attention, just as Rhodesia did before Independence, but, as before Independence, not without reason. However, and just like the pre-Independence government that was fighting “communism” (and hence blameless), the forty-year-old Zimbabwe government does not accept in any way that it must take the blame for the parlous state of the nation: rather it blames all the problems on external forces, opposition political parties, and, since November 2017, on the legacy of Robert Mugabe.

Policy Brief No.3/2020 The Maputo Protocol, Women Peace & Security (WPS), and the Covid-19 Pandemic: A National Action Plan.

This policy brief explores the need for an action plan in Zimbabwe to actuate the Maputo Protocol and increase the women’s peace and security in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. It explains the rationale behind the Maputo Protocol and examines the possibilities for its application in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting Zimbabwe.

Citizens’ Views of Local Council performance under the Covid-19 Crisis.

What do citizens think about the performance of their local councils under Covid-19?

Political Violence against Women: A Summary of Previous Research.

Violence against Women: an ongoing scourge and is it getting worse under the pandemic?

Young Men and Women: How Democratic and Engaged are they?

The next report on young men and women and their engagement with public life in Zimbabwe.

The Gender Lens: Provincial Breakdown of Women’s Views

The second report on women’s views of life in Zimbabwe

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