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Women Empowerment

How to Get Equality for Women and Improve the Nation

Ensuring The Empowerment of Women In all aspects of life...

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At The End Of The Line??

A Thought on Young People’s Prospects in Zimbabwe...

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Recent Publications

“Friend or Foe?” Civil Society and the State in SADC.

This report uses various approaches to conceptualize and measure civil liberties in the SADC region. Two things of interest stood out against the general picture of protecting them: the harassment of journalists and the repression of CSOs. It concludes that, there is little to suggest that civil society, the press, and the media are operating at the levels expected of vibrant democracies, and too much evidence suggests that they operate in trepidation of government criticism and hostility.

Elections in SADC in 2024: Will there be Change in Botswana, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, or South Africa?

This report implores five SADC countries: notably Botswana (October), Mauritius (December), Mozambique (October), Namibia (November), and South Africa (May) due to hold elections in 2024. Mozambique apart, these are countries in which elections should be unproblematic. It uses different approaches to measure and conceptualize democracy and the possibility of democratic elections in the mentioned countries.

Elections, Civic Space, and Political Violence in SADC: Trends from 2013 to 2022.

The interest for this paper is what value research will have in understanding elections in SADC, including the extent to which there can be confidence in whether any one of these SADC countries will hold anything resembling a democratic election.

Women, Citizen Agency, and Climate Change in Zimbabwe

This report examines the agency of Zimbabwean women regarding climate change. It suggests that much greater effort should be placed on deliberately engaging female urban residents in issues around climate change.

Climate Change in Zimbabwe: Rural and Urban differences

This report looks at citizens’ views on climate change in Zimbabwe from 2017 to 2022 and presents a contrast of the rural and urban citizens. It concludes that there are marked differences between rural and urban Zimbabweans on the issue of climate change.

The road to Women’s Inclusion

In this statement RAU seeks to motivate individuals to comprehend and appreciate the importance of women’s inclusion in order to create a more ideal world.

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