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Women Empowerment

How to Get Equality for Women
and Improve the Nation

At a recent meeting in Bulawayo, convened by the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) and Women Politicians’ Incubator Zimbabwe (WOPIZ)...

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At The End Of The Line??

A Thought on Young People’s Prospects in Zimbabwe

It is now incontrovertible that Africa has a demographically young population. The demographic youth bulge....

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Can there be Safe Schools for children if Teachers are not safe? A report on violations against Zimbabwean teachers during industrial action in 2019.

Zimbabwe has an enviable record in Africa for the quality of its educated population. The enormous investment in education from the beginning of Independence in 1980, has drawn favourable comment in Africa and around the world. It is thus deeply disturbing that schools have become sites of repression and teachers targets for repression. Children have been forced to attend political rallies, schools have become places where partisan political meetings take place, and teachers have become the targets of intimidation and violence.

Citizens’ views on Climate Change: Zimbabwe compared with SADC countries.

One of the most pressing problems facing Zimbabwe, and all SADC countries in the coming years will be climate change. The long-term consequences of the changes expected by the IPCC (IPCC. 2014) will not be uniform globally, and some regions of the world are expected to experience worse conditions than others, although this is merely a matter of degree since all countries are going to be challenged.


“Counting the Gains” is a condensed profile of the work of Zimbabwean women members of parliament, a collection celebrating female leaders traditionally marginalised in politics and by the media. This photo book was conceived, not just to showcase the contribution of women political representatives at a national level but also, to demonstrate that the fight for gender equality is truly on course.

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