Project Details: Strengthening Women’s Advocacy for inclusive Governance (SWAG)

Strengthening Women’s Advocacy for inclusive Governance (SWAG)

Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU), Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe (WCOZ), and Gender Media Connect (GMC) were coordinating a “Strengthening Women’s Advocacy for Inclusive Governance, (SWAG) from 2017 up to 2021” campaign to galvanize vibrant collective advocacy at community and national level towards increased participation of women in governance processes including elections. The campaign was launched in November 2017 and ran till April 2021, and it focused on women in their diversity as citizens, community leaders, aspiring leaders, and already elected female leaders serving as councilors, members of parliament, and senators. SWAG campaign aimed at the mobilization of women and capacity development for them to participate, lobby, and advocate for equal participation in governance processes at all levels.

Project Objectives

  • To strengthen and facilitate women’s increased participation in local and national governance processes including 2018 election processes,
  • To increase public and stakeholder awareness on women’s governance and electoral participation issues for continuous and collective lobbying and advocacy for equal participation in governance an electoral process
  • To facilitate engagement platforms for elected officials, duty bearers, and women towards post-2018 election women’s equal governance participation consultations and planning.
  • To increase the visibility of women participating in governance processes

Project-specific goals

  • To increase women’s participation in governance and electoral processes in Zimbabwe.
  • Increasing Women in Governance’s Visibility and Participation through Profiling.


  • Women are increasingly aware of governance processes, institutions in Zimbabwe.
  • Elected officials and duty bearers ensuring women’s equal participation in governance and electoral processes.
  • Elected officials and duty bearers increasingly aware, responding, involving, and consulting women in national and provincial governance processes.
  • Women leaders are confident and convincing when engaging with the general public or the media.

Success stories

Counting the Gains

The SWAG project compiled the second edition of the Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus photobook called “Counting the Gains”.  In this second edition; the campaign was profiling the Zimbabwe Women Parliamentary Caucus executives and the female chairpersons of the parliamentary portfolio and thematic committees.

For more information on the photo book download the book below.

Gender Lens Journal

The campaign developed a status of women Journal called the Gender Lens which has published Four issues. First ‘Issue was on the Proportional Representation for Women: the Way to Equality (Volume 1. No. 1), and second issue was on Gender Based Violence against Women and its Consequences. The Third issue was published on the topic Participation of Women Matter! and hard copies were distributed to parliament of Zimbabwe, Civil society organisations, etc. The fourth issue was a canvass of Female Leadership During Crisis. The journals are readily available on the website under the links below.

An online discussion on women’s participation was hosted live on Facebook on 11 July under the topic ‘The Gaps in Women’s Participation in Governance and Electoral Processes. The panellists were representatives from RAU, WOPIZ and FAWEZI.  Click the  link to view the discussion: The Gaps In Women’s Participation in Governance and Electoral Processes with Women’s Coalition of Zimbabwe