Report : RAU 2015 Zim since the 2013 elections

RAU 2015 Zim since the 2013 elections

This paper is a review of developments since the Harmonised elections in 2013, and builds on a previous analysis issued at the end of 20131. The 2013 elections marked the end of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) and the Inclusive Government, and a period of moderate economic stability, and a decided lessening in political violence, but a near complete failure to put in place all the reforms agreed by the political parties under the GPA. Whilst in retrospect this was not unexpected, given that the GPA was more in the nature of a peace accord rather than a genuine transitional instrument, for some the outcome was not a surprise. However, whilst some commentators were inclined to take a benevolent view of the prospects under the GPA2, others were more cynical in suggesting that reform was improbable, and that there was need for a strong concentration by civil society (and the opposition parties) for insisting on the reformation of state institutions ahead of what would be highly contested elections, and quite possibly violent elections

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