Unpacking Organized Violence in Elections in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Mutasa South & Central Constituencies By-Elections, March 2022

This report analyzes by-elections that were held on March 26, 2022, in Mutasa South Constituency and Ward 15 Bethania in Mutasa Central. The study investigates and characterizes the degree to which organized violence had a role in influencing the result of the Mutasa South Constituency House of Assembly election and Ward 15 Local Government election.

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Social Capital and Active Citizenship in Zimbabwean Youth: A Statistical Study

This study explores social capital and active citizenship in Zimbabwean Youth ahead of the 2018 harmonised elections. It concludes that youth participation in public meetings, political meetings and other democratic platforms is generally low. The report also reveals that, rural youths have more social capital and are more free to express themselves as compared to their urban counterparts.

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Women need training on the effective use of new technologies to influence gender-sensitive societies in as much as they require knowledge on the misuse of social media to the detriment of gender equality.

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Delimitation and the Voters’ Roll: How is the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Performing?

This policy brief revisits these principles and analyses to what extent ZEC conformed to regional and international best practices in delivering the draft Delimitation report, as well as to what extent will the report meet the requirement for Inclusion, one of the key pillars in ensuring that the citizenry will participate in free and fair elections.

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Derek Anton Matyszak obituary: Speaking truth to power

Derek was an activist at heart and believed in the power of the law to protect civil and political

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Ending sexual and gender based violence through capacity building

Sexual and Gender-based Violence is fostered by negative constructs of masculinity and manhood, which portray a picture that males hold qualities superior to women. This paper proffers practical solutions for achieving gender equality and mitigating SGBV scentered on building the capacity of women as political leaders.

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Dividend or Disaster? The Youth bulge in SADC

This paper is one in a series looking at the youth in SADC through a variety of different lens, beginning with general perspectives about the countries they live in, it further examines the problem of youth bulges.

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UN International Human Rights Day (2022)

Dignity, freedom, and justice for women cannot be realised if women are not safe in their homes, in the schools, in the workplace, and in the public arena. If there is impunity for the organised violence and torture inflicted on women during elections, where the state and the government are constitutionally required to provide safety and act without partiality, then the signal to society is that gender-based violence is condoned.

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